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We live in an amazing world filled with beauty. That beauty can come in the form of a rugged mountain covered with ice or as a graceful hummingbird feeding on a flower. Capturing that beauty is a wonderful challenge for a photographer.

When I graduated from college with degrees in entomology and plant pathology in 1982 I moved to Alaska with the plan to stay for a year or two. Then I'd return to graduate school to pursue an advanced degree in entomology. That plan fell apart when I discovered the amazing opportunities that existed in Alaska. I have occasionally left Alaska but only for short durations and I did eventually get a Masters degree, but it was not all related to entomology. There are just too many amazing places to visit and things to do in Alaska.

I've worked a variety of seasonal jobs: convenience store clerk when I first arrived in Alaska; with the Cooperative Extension Service; a seasonal laborer installing radio repeaters in the Wrangell-St Elias National Park; finally as a commercial helicopter pilot working on the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989.

Through my last years in college and while in Alaska, I served with the National Guard. In 1989 I accepted a full time position as a search and rescue helicopter pilot with the Air National Guard in Anchorage. It was a fabulous job most of the time- especially when actually flying around the state saving people. After nearly 20 years, including deployments to Kuwait and Afghanistan, I retired in the summer of 2009.

I've been an avid photographer since college and in the past half dozen years my passion has grown considerably. With my retirement, I can now focus on pursuing even more photographic opportunities as well as marketing the images I've captured over the years.

I hope you enjoy my images. They are available through this site as prints or they can be licensed for use in publications or other media forms.



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